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SolarEdge announce a distribution partnership

The SolarEdge system allows us to offer our customers an innovative and attractive solution.

Hod Hasharon, Israel, July 25, 2013.RFI Solar, a leading Australian distributor of renewable energy products, and SolarEdge Technologies, a leading global provider of solar power optimization systems announced today a distribution partnership which will expand the product offering of RFI Solar to address the increasing demand for SolarEdge power optimizers in Australia.

The SolarEdge system allows us to offer our customers an innovative and attractive solution”, says Mr. Scott Magee, Managing Director at RFI Solar. “We see that the demand for module-level electronics is steadily increasing due to the opportunities they entail for solar installers in Australia”, he adds.

 The SolarEdge system consists of a specialized DC/AC inverter and power optimizers, which track MPP at the module-level, thereby increasing energy output by up to 25%. Given that the modules operate independently, shading, module orientation and uneven string lengths are no longer design limitations. This allows designers the flexibility to cover more of the roof with solar modules, including on facets with different orientations and tilts. Power optimizers also improve safety by automatically dropping the string voltage to a safe voltage level if the inverter is off. This creates a safer environment during installation, troubleshooting and in the event of an emergency. Module-level monitoring allows installers to check how the modules are performing and optimize system maintenance.

 “SolarEdge has been active in Australia for almost three years with the result of thousands of installations and we expect our presence to increase even further through cooperation with RFI Solar”, says Zvi Lando, VP Sales at SolarEdge. “We are happy to continue enabling thousands of system owners to reduce the cost of renewable energy with safe and reliable residential and commercial products from SolarEdge”, he adds.

  SolarEdge Australia Roadshow

 Attend one of our training sessions for the opportunity to discover the functionality and benefits of SolarEdge products, deepen existing know-how, ask questions and meet us in person. Attendees will receive 30 accreditation points of the Clean Energy Council accreditation scheme and a $120 gift card with the purchase of the next SolarEdge system. Please register under the following link: http://www.solaredge.com/groups/training/#australia.

  About SolarEdge Technologies

 SolarEdge Technologies provides end-to-end distributed solar power optimization and PV monitoring solutions, allowing maximum energy production for faster ROI. The SolarEdge power optimizers perform MPPT per individual module while monitoring the performance of each module. The high efficiency SolarEdge inverter is tailor-made to work with power optimizers. The SolarEdge system provides optimal power, flexible design and full roof utilization. Module-level electronics enable enhanced maintenance and increased system safety with the SafeDC™ mechanism. SolarEdge is online at www.solaredge.com


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