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Top 10 industry issues from the regulator

Issues from Clean Energy Regulator inspection reports


The CEC have reported on all the issues that ORER inspectors have been finding. It’s a timely reminder that the new standards are in place and that quality products save time and money.

The CEC Accreditation Team receives inspection reports on substandard and unsafe practices from the Clean Energy Regulator. The CEC processes these reports and allocates demerit points, where appropriate, to installers. It also allows us to develop a quarterly list of the top issues in the solar PV industry.
The top 10 issues in the last quarter's inspection reports were:

  1. cables and wiring not securely fixed to minimise movement
  2. fire emergency information not displayed correctly
  3. pairings of DC interconnectors not all of the same make and model
  4. DC isolator enclosure not suitably installed to prevent water ingress
  5. the panel mounting structure and attachment to the roof not deemed to be secure
  6. DC isolator incorrectly rated for current or voltage and the voltage not within 20 per cent of actual required voltage rating
  7. wiring to the inverter and panels not protected from UV and mechanical damage
  8. a transformer-less inverter installed, but the PV array frame did not have an equipotential bond connected to the earthing terminal on the switchboard
  9. roof penetrations not sealed or waterproofed to last for the life of the system and/or no details in the maintenance timetable
  10. isolator and/or junction box enclosure/s installed on combustible material without adequate sealing of cable entries

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(Data from the Clean Energy Regulator inspection program for the second quarter of 2013.)



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