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Why choose Stion?

RFI looks at Stion and how in an increasingly commoditised solar market, Stion CIGS modules offers a range of unique differentiating features.

Let’s look at the advantages of using Stion:


1. Exceptional shade tolerance allows Stion modules to generate more kWh in shaded environments compared to traditional crystalline modules.

What does this mean?  This also allows for greater roof coverage in known shaded areas.

2. Excellent high temperature performance means Stion modules maintain higher kWh yields in high temperature environments when compared to traditional crystalline modules.

What does this mean? On a typical Summer day a crystalline module will lose at least 10% of its possible yield just through temperature loss. Stion will only lose ~6.5% in the same conditions.

3. The small size of the Stion modules allows for easier handling during installation.

4. The all-black design of the Stion modules gives a beautiful sleek finish to the system.

What does this mean? The aesthetics of the panel are perfect for the image conscious consumer or installation in architectually designed buildings.

5. The Stion CIGS modules are inherently free from the effects of both PID and LID.

What does this mean? The modules will continue to produce superior yields over the long-term.

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